29th September 2023
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Don’t miss the Sitges Outdoor Cinema at the Racó de la Calma on Sunday 13 August

Don’t miss the Sitges Outdoor Cinema at the Racó de la Calma this Sunday 13 August.

As part of the Sitgestiu summer cultural festival that runs until the end of August, the programme under the stars includes four short films selected by the Sitges International Film Festival, plus a feature long documentary about Picasso.

The session will also be attended by the Sitges Film Festival’s team to introduce their selection of short movies. Book early, as tickets are only €5 and they include a glass of Cygnus Albireo Cava. Click here to reserve. The session starts at 22h and below is the full programme.

Fantastic short films:

  • Mermaid Killer (15 min) Israel Gonzalez & Joel Codina (Spanish / Catalan)
  • Psicario (15 min) Dani Padró (Spanish / Catalan)
  • Ad Inferos (9 min) Ignacio Malagón (Spanish / Catalan)
  • Zombie Meteor (Animation) (14 min) Alfonso Fulgencio & José Luis Farias (Spanish / Catalan)

Documentary feature:

  • Young Picasso (Original Version with Subtitles)

Directed by Phil Grabsky in 2019, this excellent documentary examines Pablo Picasso’s early years: his upbringing and the learning process that led to his extraordinary achievements. Three cities play a key role: Malaga, Barcelona and Paris. Young Picasso visits each and explores their influence on Picasso, focusing on specific artworks from those early years. The film explains how the young artist learned his trade and examines two key moments: the blue and the pink periods.

In its 25th anniversary, the ‘Sitgestiu’ festival offers over 30 events and activities that mix music, opera, jazz, family workshops, film screenings, sensory experiences, wine tasting dinners as well as many guided heritage and art tours, among others – and with many events also being offered in English.

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