23rd February 2024
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Enjoy a guided tour of three Sitges museums this Saturday, plus a glass of local wine

You can enjoy a guided tour in English this Saturday of the three key museums in Sitges – the Museu de Cau Ferrat, the Museu de Maricel and the Palau Maricel – and enjoy a glass of local Malvasia de Sitges wine at the same time.

The tour is part of the Sitgestiu summer cultural festival that runs through July and August and will start at 19h. It takes place this Saturday 29 July and again on Saturday 12 August.

The visit, called ‘Three Museums and one history’, takes in the very best local heritage to discover a selection of artworks from the various periods and artistic styles, and explain the importance of the collections of the Museums of Sitges.

The Cau Ferrat Museum was founded in 1893 by the artist Santiago Rusiñol (1861-1931) as a home workshop and became a public museum in 1933, preserving the artistic spirit inspired by its founder. The museum contains collections of ancient art gathered by the artist (painting, forge, ceramics, glass, archeology, sculpture and furniture) and modern art (painting, drawing, sculpture) with works by Rusiñol, Casas, Picasso, among many others.

The artistic and monumental complex of the Maricel Museum and Palace, built between 1910 and 1918 by the engineer and artist Miquel Utrillo (1861-1934), and commissioned by the philanthropist and American collector Charles Deering (1852-1927), is one of the first major examples ‘Noucentisme’.

The Maricel Museum exhibits a complete artistic route from the 10th century to realism and figuration during the first half of the 20th century. The exhibits integrate multiple languages, techniques and artistic media in order to achieve a maximum consistency in the chronological sequence of the development of the arts.

The guided tour starts at 7pm (in English, Spanish and Catalan) and tickets are €12 (with other standard price reductions), which includes a glass of local wine. Click here for tickets.

In its 25th anniversary, the ‘Sitgestiu’ festival offers over 30 events and activities that mix music, opera, jazz, family workshops, film screenings, sensory experiences, wine tasting dinners as well as many guided heritage and art tours, among others – and with many events also being offered in English.

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