4th October 2022
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Sitges Film Festival to honour the Italian horror-suspense genre

The Sitges Film Festival in October will be welcoming the Italian director and producer Dario Argento, who will be receiving the Golden Honorary Award for his influence on ‘giallo’, a mainly Italian subgenre of thriller film during the 70s and 80s, and a trend that combines horror and suspense. He will also present his latest work Occhiali Neri (‘Black Glasses’), and a return to cinema after ten years.

In addition, Sitges regular Quentin Dupieux will also be honoured with the Time Machine Award. This year the French filmmaker, who has provoked roars of laughter in the Auditori on numerous occasions (MandiblesRubberReality) will be presenting Incroyable mais vrai and Smoking Causes Coughing, two different approaches to the absurd comedy that is his speciality.

From the USA, Ti West will deliver Pearl, the long-awaited prequel to X. West will also be receiving the Time Machine Award for his incredible contributions to the horror film genre.

An essential figure in Japanese animation over the last two decades, Masaaki Yuasa will also be at this year’s festival. The renowned Japanese filmmaker will be attending the festival to also receive the Time Machine Award, and to present his new feature length film, Inu-oh.

The Sitges – International Fantasy Film Festival of Catalonia takes place from 6-16 October, with screenings at the Melia Auditori and Tramuntana, the Prado and Retiro cinemas, and the Escorxador. Click here for further details

ALSO READ: ‘Venus’, directed by Jaume Balagueró, to open Sitges Film Festival on 6 October.

Festival director Àngel Sala and coordinator Mònica Massagué, last Wednesday, in Madrid. (Film Festival)

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