26th November 2022
Sitges News

Equilibrium Fest postponed after ‘council sends notification of technical issues 24 hrs before event’

100 participants were left in limbo last weekend after the ‘Equilibrum Festival’ of health, well-being and holistic balance was forced to postpone its event scheduled for Saturday 17 September, following the Sitges Town Council ‘issuing a notification of technical issues 24 hours before the event’, according to the organisers.

Over 60 professionals were due to take part, who had all invested in the event – offering different activities, workshops, classes, therapies and talks with the aim of connecting the community with more sustainable and healthy lifestyles. There were also 30 local volunteers ready to support the event, as well as a team from the Red Cross.

The organisers of the event received a notification from the council by email last Friday in which they were asked to resolve ‘technical issues’ regarding the documentation already presented. The organisers then tried to get in touch with the local council without success, which led to a joint decision between the organisers and the IAB (the Institute of the Arts Barcelona, where the event was due to take place), to postpone the event.

Issuing a statement last Friday to participants and people planning to attend the event, the organisers said: ‘We have done everything in our power to resolve this but unfortunately the council are not responding and for legal reasons we must postpone the event.’

Lisa Natasha, founder and co-creator of the Equilibrium Fest, said that they had started with their application procedures to the council ‘on 19 May’.

She said: ‘The issues are actually all easily resolvable with communication. We are in the process of addressing them with the IAB and co-operating with the council to move forward as quickly as possible to schedule a new date.’

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