26th November 2022
Sitges News

First steps underway to evaluate the construction of a new school in Sitges

The Sitges Town Council’s report to demonstrate to the Catalan government (Generalitat) that the town needs a new school is in the process of being drawn up.

The document was requested by the Generalitat’s Department of Education and is a priority for the council, with the initial step in the process being for the higher authorities of Catalonia to assess the request.

The town council has informed the Generalitat of its desire for a new school and which has already been shared with the management of existing local schools and institutions. For now, the Department of Education has not rejected the request.

Furthermore, the Generalitat’s ‘School Planning Area’ has asked the council to prepare a detailed study – based on reality and not hypothesis – on the number of homes under construction in Sitges and the number of inhabitants it will entail, in order to assess whether a new school is really necessary.

A new school in Sitges would probably be located on the municipal land of La Plana, where a new Escola Pia had originally been planned, the local councillor for education, David Martínez Lluís, has said.

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