16th April 2024
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Sitges Town Council allows proof of 2021 income for HPO homes eligibility

Sitges Town Council is allowing proof of income for 2021 to be eligible for the first promotion of Officially Protected Housing (HPO), for those people who have improved their economic situation in relation to 2020.

The local councillor for housing, Júlia Vigo, stated that ‘we are aware that the 2021 income tax return will not be available until after the summer and, with proof of an improvement in income, we can expand the range of access for those interested’.

Individuals or co-habitation units in this situation have the option of requesting the modification of data, by means of an application, with the title ‘Renewal and modification of data of the registration in the HPO Register’.

The modification of the data referring to the income can be accredited with a certificate of income and withholdings on account of the IRPF issued by the company or companies in which the applicant has worked during 2021. Self-employed workers will be able to present the form 130 or 131, accompanied by model 190.

The modification is also applicable to pensioners, who can present the certificate of the pension received for the previous year, and to people in a situation of unemployment, by means of the INEM certificate, indicating the period of unemployment and the amounts received during the previous year, if any.

The minimum income threshold for the general HPO homes is €21,000 per year, which is the sum of the income of all co-habitants up to this minimum amount; i.e., two co-habitants could each receive an annual salary of €10,500. The maximum income is based on the number of people living together and ranges from approximately €45,000 to €50,000 per year.

Júlia Vigó said: ‘The aim is to ensure that the income intended to pay the rent is fair, in other words, that it does not represent more than 30% of the total income of the family unit. This means that the income requirement is based on the sum of the income of all the people living in the household.’

All the information about the RSHPO and the HPO promotions can be found here:  https://www.sitges.cat/serveis/habitatge/habitatge-de-proteccio-oficial-a-sitges

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