4th February 2023
Marinada development in Sitges
Sitges News

Nearly 1,000 applications for officially protected housing in Sitges

The interest that the Officially Protected Housing (HPO) in La Plana area of Sitges is generating is evident in the number of applications that have already been made in the municipal register: 950 in total.

The first municipal promotion of homes for rent is a development called Marinada, consisting of three buildings, with 43 homes, in the Carrer de l’Abadessa de Maria Lluïsa Dalmaus with Manuel Torrens, near to the Can Pei district.

In addition to the general HPO scheme, for which 34 homes are allocated, the Town Council has reserved six homes in the promotion for low-income co-habitants and two adapted for people with reduced mobility.

People interested in applying must have a valid registration in the Register of Applicants for Officially Protected Housing in Sitges (RSHPOS), with 18 February 2022 as an initial deadline.

Of the nearly 1,000 applications received so far, only 52% will go to the next stage of being considered for the the general HPO public housing quota, as they exceed the required €21,000 in annual revenue per family unit. The remaining 48% do not meet the requirement, so they will have to opt for the six homes reserved for low-income co-habitants. It means that 48% of the applications will only be eligible for 14% of the apartments.

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