19th August 2022
Marinada development, Sitges.
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Sitges Town Council approves details of the awards process for public housing

Sitges Town Council has initially approved the measures required to apply for the first municipal promotion of Officially Protected Housing (HPO) for rent. The development is called Marinada and consists of three buildings, with 43 homes, in the Carrer de l’Abadessa de Maria Lluïsa Dalmaus with Manuel Torrens, near to the Can Pei district.

People interested in applying must have a valid registration in the Register of Applicants for Officially Protected Housing in Sitges (RSHPOS), with 18 February 2022 as an initial deadline.

The mayor of Sitges, Aurora Carbonell, celebrated the approval, and said: ‘We are proud to deliver 175 public housing units. We’re helping families pay the rent and we are recovering social emergency housing. Housing policies have been paramount and one of the local government’s priorities.’

Among the requirements, it will be necessary to prove three years of continuous registration (or 12 years of continuous registration for people interested in returning to Sitges), as well as the income of the person or co-habitants.

In addition to the general HPO scheme, for which 34 homes are allocated, the Town Council has reserved six homes in the promotion for low-income co-habitants and two adapted for people with reduced mobility.

Based on these three quotas (general, low income and reduced mobility), the council’s department of housing will create specific lists for draws of each quota. The local councilor for housing and for social rights, citizenship and equality, Júlia Vigó, said: ‘We have tried to consider all situations and establish reserves adjusted to the needs. In addition, we will continue with the aid policy to guarantee fair rent and, to this end, we have included in the award bases a new line of aid for the specific contingent of low-income people in the public promotions of the Sitges Town Council.’

In addition, the council has reserved a home for groups at risk of exclusion, which will be awarded directly by the social services department and is therefore excluded from this award process.

The Marinada development 
Carrer de l’Abadessa Maria Lluïsa Dalmau / Manuel Torrens

The buildings are 100% public and for rent, and will maintain municipal ownership, although both construction and rent will be managed by non-profit foundations for the development of social housing: Fundació Família i Benestar Social (Family and Social Welfare Foundation), Private foundation Grup Qualitat, Fundació Salas per l’accessibilitat, and Fundació Nou Lloc.

The monthly rent for the homes in this first development (excluding community expenses) will be between €525 and €660, at €7/m2, which is 50% below the market price established in Sitges. Also at a fair price and included in the rent, storage room and parking at a price of  €3.5/m2.

All the homes in this first development have two or three bedrooms, outdoor spaces, storage room, parking space, and energy certification A. In these buildings, there are also two adapted floors.

Total homes: 43

  • 18 homes – 2 bedrooms – Occupancy 1-3 people
  • 22 homes – 3 bedrooms – Occupancy 3-6 people. 

Of these, six homes are reserved for low-income co-habitants.

  • Two adapted homes – 2 bedrooms – Occupancy 1-3 people.

Community expenses (not included in the rent): €50 for 2-bedroom homes and €55 for 3-bedroom homes.

Deposit: Two monthly payments (legal deposit to be deposited with INCASOL and additional guarantee).

Marinada development, Sitges.
Marinada development, Sitges.

How to register in the Sitges HPO Register of Applicants

The application is processed by the Catalan Housing Agency. Once completed, a copy of the application must be submitted, plus the required documentation to Sitges Town Council, via the specific electronic procedure or in person at the Citizen Attention Office (OAC) by appointment.

All the information about the RSHPO and the HPO promotions can be found at: sitges.cat/habitatge.

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