21st June 2024
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Spotlight: the female artists performing at the Festival Jardins Terramar

With the Festival Jardins Terramar finally kicking off this Thursday, we take a look at the female artists who will be performing this year, as solo acts and as lead singers in some of Spain’s most successful bands. The festival runs until 13 August, with a total of 15 concerts. Click here for all tickets and full details of the festival line-up, and there is now also a ticket office installed at the main access to the Terramar gardens.

Fangoria (Alaska) – Friday 30 July

This Spanish-Mexican artist, named María Olvido Gara but widely known as Alaska was one of the founding members of the la movida Madrileña, the cultural and artistic movement that followed the end of Francoist Spain.

In 1989, Alaska started Fangoria as a duo musical project alongside her long time bandmate, Nacho Canut. Their dance/pop electronica sound and particular horror glam/rock style and aesthetic has not only remained an important influence for many Spanish punk bands, but it has been relevant in the collective memory of Spain’s cultural landscape for generations.

They last performed at the Terramar festival in 2017, and there is much anticipation about their return. This time around, they will present their album of covers Extrapolaciones y dos Respuestas from 2019. Fangoria’s 2021 tour also marks the 30th anniversary from their full-length legendary debut album, Salto Mortal.

Fangoria (Alaska).
Fangoria (Alaska).

Rosario – Saturday 31 July

This year’s festival-goers are in for a treat, with an opportunity to witness an artist at a peak of her creative journey, with the two-time Latin Grammy Award-winning artist Rosario. She has just released her new studio album Te lo digo todo y no te digo ná, a production which mixes pop, rumba, flamenco, gypsy funk, blues and ballads. But if recording an album wasn’t enough, the artist has also been busy with her work as a coach in the talent show La Voz Kids.

Rosario has art and music running in her genes, being the daughter of Antonio González Batista, better known as El Pescaílla, considered one of the fathers of la rumba Catalana, and Lola Flores, icon of traditional Andalusian folklore, widely considered as the most legendary artist of copla and flamenco of all times and a true treasure of Spanish culture.


Sílvia Perez Cruz – Tuesday 3 August

Born in Palafrugell, Girona in 1983, this versatile yet unmistakably personal singer and composer is described as ‘a voice that marks a generation’. Sílvia started learning music at the age of four and she grew up among Iberian and Latin American popular songs, but was also educated in classical and jazz. This mixture of influences have shaped the multi-talented artist in such a way, that paired with her melodious vocals, make her shine with her own light.

Sílvia’s current project consists of presenting songs that she has composed in collaboration with other artists and will be put together through various mediums, such as theatre, cinema, dance, painting, photography or poetry. Creating an interdisciplinary dialogue between all these, Sílvia Perez and the Farsa Circus Band will produce an unmissable, spectacular event.

Silvia Pérez Cruz.
Silvia Pérez Cruz.

Amaral – Thursday 5 August

It was 1993, whilst Eva was an art student in her native Zaragoza that she met the guitarist Juan Aguirre. She then left her then band Bandera Blanca behind and started with Juan a musical group named after her surname, Amaral. From that point on, the duet’s chart-topping trajectory has firmly positioned them as one of the most successful Spanish pop bands of the last decades. With over four million copies of their albums sold worldwide, Amaral already forms part of Spain’s music history. On 27 October 2010, the Spanish Ministry of Culture gave Amaral the II National Award of Modern Music 2010 for their ‘contribution to the renovation of the current music panorama’.

Amaral’s musical style is generally described as pop/rock, but it is often fused with Latin beats, folk/rock, synthesizers and in particular traditional Spanish folk music. Their lyrics and subject matter are complex and poetic.

In this year’s festival, the band put on an energetic show with an impressive scenery, featuring the band’s greatest hits and also presenting their latest work Salto al Color.


Mónica Naranjo – Saturday 7 August

One of the most powerful voices of the Spanish and Latin American music scene, Figueres-born singer Mónica Naranjo has sold more than ten million records worldwide throughout her proliferous and extensive career. Among her many awards and recognitions, three World Music Awards stand out, making her the Spanish female singer with the most awards in this category.

The artist is also an icon of women’s rights and LGTBI collectives thanks to her risky and open lyrics, her outspoken statements and her performances full of symbolism.

She performed a tribute to the great Italian singer Mina Mazzini with her album Minage in 2000, achieving three platinum records in Spain and a gold record in Mexico, and becoming one of the most important albums in the history of Spanish pop. During her show at Festival Jardins de Terramar the artist will be performing the songs of this unforgettable album, accompanied only by a piano, in an intimate and very special concert.

Mónica Naranjo.
Mónica Naranjo.

La Oreja de Van Gogh (Leire Martínez) – Friday 13 August

Leire Martínez Ochoa is a Spanish singer, songwriter and the current lead vocalist of the band La Oreja de Van Gogh after Amaia Montero’s departure in 2007. She participated in the X Factor TV show in 2007 and after Leire joined the band in 2008, they have since released the albums A las cinco en el Astoria, Cometas por el Cielo and El planeta imaginario.

La Oreja de Van Gogh are one of the most representative bands of pop in Spain of the last two decades. It is the national group with the highest sales figure of the 21st century, with more than eight million copies sold worldwide, recognitions such as the Latin Grammy or MTV International, and 50 platinum and gold records.

La Oreja de Van Gogh.
La Oreja de Van Gogh.

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