24th June 2024
Sitges News

Coronavirus under control in Sitges and Sant Pere de Ribes

With no trace of a fourth wave of Covid-19, the latest local epidemiological data is looking moderately optimistic. The fluctuations in data for Sitges and Sant Pere de Ribes range from moderate to slightly high levels.

In the last seven days, there have been 24 new cases in Sitges, which represents an increase of 1.53%. This figure is still inferior to the Catalan average, which is 2.04%.

The ‘rebound risk’ (or iEPG)* continues between the 100 and 200 levels. Today [Thursday] it is at 151, while yesterday it had dropped to 104 (throughout Catalonia it is at 267). The percentage of PCR and antigen tests that have come out positive is especially low: 2.66% – almost half of what the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends (and the Catalan average is 6.24%).

The cumulative incidence rate (IA) over 14 days is 78.87, well below 276.17 throughout Catalonia. The only indicator that is worse in Sitges than in the whole region continues to be that of the rate of contagion (RT), which is 1.88, twice the Catalan average (0.97).

Meanwhile Sant Pere de Ribes has returned to below 100 points for the ‘rebound risk’ (or iEPG)* at 87. Also, the rate of contagion (RT) is significantly low (0.75), and the accumulated incidence rate (IA) is 52.15. The only unfavourable figure for Ribes is the positive results of tests, which has risen to 6.47%.

*The potential rebound risk (iEPG) measures possible new cases diagnosed over the next 14 days, to evaluate the growth or slowdown in the contagion. It is calculated by multiplying the accumulated incidence rate (IA) and the rate of contagion (RT). 


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