21st June 2021
Vaccinations being administered at the Sitges Park residential home.
Sitges News

Over 10,000 vaccinations have been given in Sitges and Sant Pere de Ribes

Sitges and Sant Pere de Ribes have now both exceeded 5,000 people who have received a first jab of the Covid-19 vaccine. The increase in the rate of administering vaccines in recent weeks has improved, although the percentage of people vaccinated in both municipalities is still lower than the Catalan average.

In Sitges, 17.73% of the population have now received a first dose, while 5.43% have received two jabs. In Sant Pere de Ribes, the figures are similar (17.02% and 5.51%, respectively), but in both cases they are inferior to those of the whole region: 20.64% of Catalans have now received a first jab and 6.56% are already fully vaccinated. Figures for the comarca (county) are also higher than in both municipalities.

The week after Easter was one of the most active weeks for vaccinations in Sitges, with 1,136 first doses being administered. Last week, however, the total fell to 874. Meanwhile in Sant Pere de Ribes, last week was the most active, with 1,058 first doses given.

In Sitges, vaccinations are currently being done at the CAP (Centre d’Atenció Primaria, the local healthcare centre), although people aged in the 60-plus range have to travel outside the town (to Vilanova, Vilafranca or even beyond). Finally, the Catalan Department of Health has not taken advantage of the offer of the Sitges Town Council to install a vaccination point at El Casal de la Gent Gran de Pau Casals, as was the case with the standard flu jabs last autumn.

Vaccinations being administered at the Sitges Park residential home.
Vaccinations being administered at the Sitges Park residential home. (L’Eco)

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