23rd February 2024
Sitges News

Classic vehicles return to the Autòdrom Terramar to mark its centenary

On 28 October 1923, the Autòdrom Terramar racetrack was inaugurated in the municipal area of Sant Pere de Ribes. It was the last missing piece in the plans to establish the Terramar area of Sitges as a ‘Garden City’.

Just as Nice and other towns on the French Riviera attracted wealthy visitors from northern Europe to the French coast, the Garden City of Terramar Sitges sought to attract the wealthy from Barcelona and beyond with its modernist mansions and beautiful gardens, access to the Mediterranean and the hotel and sporting facilities of the Terramar Hotel.

It’s been 100 years since all of this, and now the Autòdrom – which has a re-opening project underway that is being dragged out by administrative procedures – has recently commemorated the anniversary. ALSO READ: French equestrian chic set to help revive Autòdrom Terramar racetrack in Catalonia.

On the occasion of the centenary, some 20 classic vehicles gathered on the circuit’s historic racetrack last Sunday to drive as they did 100 years ago. All the motorcycles and cars participating in the event dated from the 20s and 30s of the last century, when the then Autódromo Nacional hosted a number of motor races.

Most of the drivers who gathered last Sunday were from Sitges, with classic vehicles that they take care of and take out only on rare occasions. Foment del Turisme, organiser of the Rally, collaborated in the event, which was closed to the public.

Among the participating bikes were four Norton 500cc and other examples from BMW, Guzzi, Gilera, Mondiale and Rudge. A 1938 sidecar also participated.

The automobiles – some of which were racing cars from a hundred years ago – included a 1926 Talbot Six, as well as Rolls Royce, Citroën and Hispano Suiza models, among others.

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