29th February 2024
Sitges News

The local Sant Camil hospital has also been stretched to capacity this winter

With health professionals striking in Barcelona this week to demand improvements in public services, the main local hospital to Sitges and Ribes, the Sant Camil, has also been stretched to capacity this winter.

The building itself been in service since 1975, but since those days the population it serves has practically tripled, as well as being more complex.

All in all, Sant Camil continues to function well mainly due to the increase in staff and the investments that have been made to date, as well as those that are planned for the future – although there are often complaints from those that visit the hospital, especially about the waiting times at emergencies.

‘Now we have a significant increase in demand; emergency rooms have increased between 20 and 30% compared to previous years, although in the last few weeks it has been decreasing,’ said Josep Lluís Ibáñez, manager of the hospital.

‘We haven’t had the standard flu in these past two years, and now it’s come back suddenly,’ he added.

Above all, there were more hospitalisations at the end of 2022, especially of elderly people and those with serious illness. And at the beginning of December they had a peak of bronchiolitis in children, with 20 admitted to hospital. Now there are between 3 and 5.

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