16th April 2024
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Classic cars and the Ribes Festa Major programme at the Autòdrom Terramar

Motor fans gathered at the weekend at a classic vehicle rally at the Autòdrom Terramar at Rocamar, Sant Pere de Ribes, in the first activity to commemorate the centenary of the racetrack.

During the event, which attracted a large crowd, the programme for the Festa Major de Sant Pau, in Ribes, was also presented.

The Bentley driven by Jordi Ricardo and two other vehicles with which he participated in the classic rally, two Rolls-Royce Phantom I from the 1920s, attracted the attention of visitors to the racetrack upon their arrival. ‘In their time, they were very luxurious cars, very reliable,’ said Ricardo.

The event saw a collection of around 200 classic vehicles for motor enthusiasts of all ages. Joan, from Molins de Rei, visited the venue with his family: ‘I knew it was one of the oldest circuits in Europe and I was very happy to see it,’ he said. ‘Since they were having the meeting, we took the opportunity to come with the whole family.’

‘I really like cars and motorbikes, I find the engines interesting,’ said his daughter, Maria. ‘I’m really enjoying the circuit,’ added Arnau, the youngest son.

This rally of classic vehicles was hosted by the the company behind Autòdrom Terramar, who are planning to reform the venue in the coming months, mainly for equestrian events and show jumping. ‘We don’t set ourselves deadlines, but hope to start work soon,’ said the director of the Autòdrom, Matthieu Liard, preferring to be cautious.

The process for the work and re-opening is pending the final procedures, seven years after presenting the original proposal.

The company Terramar 1923, promoter of the project, was established in 2016 and during this period an urban planning and environmental process has been carried out involving the Sant Pere de Ribes Town Council, the Departments of Territory and Sustainability and the Provincial Council of Barcelona, among other public bodies.

The project to re-open the circuit with equestrian competitions and exhibitions and car promotions is expected to start work in the coming months, with an investment of €25 million. The horizon for hosting the first horse jumping event is 2025, said Liard. ALSO READ: French equestrian chic set to help revive Autòdrom Terramar racetrack in Catalonia.

During the event on Sunday – organised by Ribes Motor Club and the Colla Jove de Diables de Ribes – the Sant Pau Festival programme was also presented, which contains a separate section dedicated to the history of motoring in Ribes. At the end, the Colla Jove did the ‘Dance of Devils’ outside the Clot dels Frares farmhouse, inside the Autódrom.

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