7th December 2023
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Sitges Council condemns alleged homophobic attack, and will act as private prosecutor

Following the complaints filed to the police by four citizens regarding a homophobic attack on New Year’s Eve in Sitges, the Town Council has condemned the attack and put itself forward to act as private prosecutor against the alleged aggressors.

The attack took place after 5am on New Year’s Day morning in the Carrer Joan Tarrida, prompting an investigation by the Sitges Local Police and the council itself. 

On the same morning, the police identified that the attack had been motivated by insults, but not with homophobic connotations. Once they received reports from the victims and the Sitges Colors Link association, however, they opened an investigation ‘for a suspected hate crime with serious injuries, threats and robbery with violence’, and summoned witnesses to obtain more information about the events.

In a statement issued on Friday, reiterating its commitment to fight against any type of discrimination or LGTBIQ+ phobic attacks in the town, the Sitges Town Council said that it ‘rejected and condemned the alleged homophobic attack suffered by four people in Sitges on New Year’s Eve’ and that it ‘had made itself available to these people to clarify the facts, report the alleged aggressors and help the victims in their recovery’.

The local council said that it also ‘intends to present itself as the private prosecutor against the alleged aggressors’, because ‘Sitges is a town that shows zero tolerance for this LGTBIQ+ phobic behaviour’.

The Sitges Local Police are still investigating the events, thanks to the public’s collaboration and following the complaint filed by those who were attacked. On the same morning of the events, three people who allegedly participated in the attack were identified and efforts are continuing to locate the rest of the participants.

The Mayor of Sitges, Aurora Carbonell, also met two of the victims to listen to their concerns. She personally conveyed her support and that of the entire council with regards the ordeal that they were submitted to, and the consequences they still suffer as a result of the aggression.

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