28th January 2023
Sitges News

Fines totally around €10,000 imposed for leaving 3-year-old girl on school bus in Sitges

The Garraf County Council has imposed a fine of almost €10,000 in total on the Pere Tarrés Foundation and the Plana transport company for the incident that occurred with a 3-year-old girl on 19 September.

On that day, the third-year student at the Maria Ossó School was left trapped for eight hours on the bus doing the school transport route. The girl waited patiently for someone to pick her up from her seat to get off the vehicle, but it wasn’t until the afternoon when the driver, who was picking up the bus again at the depot to do the school route in reverse, found her inside the vehicle.

Because of the incident, the regional council of Garraf has decided to penalise the Pere Tarrés Foundation with €8,251.93 and the transport company Plana with €1,262.43 for committing a serious infraction.

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