30th September 2022
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A 3-year-old girl left on school bus all day in Sitges, Catalonia

A 3-year-old girl, a pupil in P3 (‘Infantil 3’) at the Maria Ossó School in Sitges (Catalonia) was left alone and ‘forgotten’ on the school bus throughout the day on Monday, without anyone noticing.

The bus picked up the girl on the morning route to take her to school for 9am, but the little girl did not get out of the vehicle for reasons that are being investigated.

It was at 4pm, when the bus was going to start the afternoon route to return the children to their homes, that a monitor located the toddler still inside the bus. The minor was taken to a medical centre where specialists certified that she was fine.

The ‘Consell Comarcal del Garraf’ (the Garraf Regional Council responsible for the bus service) has started an investigation to determine the reasons why the young girl was stuck on the bus for so many hours. The companies that provide monitoring and companion services, and the school transport service, have been asked to provide a report on the errors that caused the incident, to determine the possible responsibilities and consequences that may arise.

The regional body also made itself available to the school and the Family Association (AFA), in order to review the protocols and guarantee the efficiency of the school transport service, so it doesn’t happen again. Psychological support has also been made available to the affected family.

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