28th January 2023
Sitges News

Increased lifeguard service boosted preventive actions on Sitges beaches this season

Reports related to the surveillance, rescue and first aid services on the beaches of Sitges during 2022, as well as data analysis of the waste collection service along the coastline, show that 49,716 ‘preventive actions’ were carried out during this year, and 718 kg of litter has been collected from the sea.

The surveillance, rescue and first aid service was a new contract for 2022, renewed from the previous summer but doubling the amount allocated to this service from €300,000 to €720,000. The service was extended for the full duration of the season, starting from Easter and leading up to 1 May, and continuing until 15 October, extending the hours and the number of beaches where the service was offered, with an increase in the number of vehicles and staff.

The 49,716 preventive actions on the beaches of Sitges for 2022 represents an increase of 147% compared to pre-pandemic data of 20,111 in 2019. The local councillor for beaches, Guillem Escolà, said: ‘Our priority is that the town’s beaches are safe and by focusing on prevention we are able to avoid more serious incidents’. 

For the councillor, this is one of the reasons why the number of deaths on the local beaches has been reduced, from 6 in 2021, to just one this year.

The data also shows an increase in the number of people treated (1,267 in 2021 and 1,600 in 2022). During the season, 12 water rescues were carried out, 80 people were rescued and 48 evacuated to hospitals.

Among the actions to preserve the environment, the Sitges Town Council’s waste cleaning service at sea collected 718 kg of rubbish in the 81 days it has operated along the coast between 15 June and 15 September.

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