31st May 2023
Sitges News

Heavy rainfall causes new damage to the Sitges beaches

Extreme weather conditions have struck again, causing damage to local infrastructure, and in particular the Sitges beaches.

On Wednesday morning, between 6am and 7am, the local Ràdio Maricel rain gauge collected 45 l/m² – and the temperature plummeted during the same time by 6 degrees.

The heavy rainfall has affected different areas of the town, and local firefighters have been out in force to stem the damage. The Riera de Ribes is still closed due to flooding and the Avinguda Navarra bridge re-opened at 10am on Wednesday morning, after a blocked vehicle was removed.

The Sitges Fire Department has had to replace five sewer covers and also worked on two flooded car parks, due to the overflows of the municipal streams. The worst part, as usual, has been seen on the town’s beaches.

The recovery plan to repair the beaches in Sitges began on Wednesday afternoon at La Ribera beach and Sant Sebastià beach, to fix the streams that flow into both beaches, which have been damaged.

Early on Thursday, it was planned for the Sorea water company to fix the pipe on the Estanyol beach. Finally, with the local council’s tractor, the beaches of La Fragata, Balmins, La Barra and Garraf will be repaired and small touches will be made to the rest of the beaches.

In addition, there are plans to repair the wooden walkways, showers and foot washing areas as soon as possible.

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Sant Sebastià beach, early on Wednesday morning

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