14th June 2024
Corpus Christi Festival of 2020. (L'Eco)
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Sitges Corpus Christi celebration – restricted for 2nd year due to pandemic

With Easter week gone, there are just two months until the Corpus Christi festival commences – which will be held in Sitges from 4-13 June this year.

Last year, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it was announced that the Corpus festival would not be celebrated in its usual manner.

It has been confirmed by the Corpus Commission, headed by Angelina Salesas, and the Town Council’s department for ‘Traditions and Festivities’, that this year’s edition will also be affected by restrictions.

Although the traditional celebration will not return this year, the Commission has pledged to preserve the essence of one of the most emblematic festivals in Sitges.

The most symbolic acts of the festival, such as the giants parade on Corpus Saturday, or the main procession – which falls on Sunday 6 June this year – will not take place yet again, at least not to the same extent as they did in 2019, pre-pandemic. Some ‘surprises’ around these events, however, have not been ruled out.

Adopting the festival’s traditions to a virtual platform, as well as other ideas, are being considered for the 2021 Corpus celebration.

Corpus Christi Festival of 2020. (L'Eco)
Corpus Christi Festival of 2020. (L’Eco)

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