20th June 2024
Personnel of the 'Unidad Militar de Emergencias (UME)'
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Coronavirus in Spain figures (30 Sept)

Latest: Coronavirus in Spain figures (20 Oct)

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Report below updated in Spain at 19h on Weds 30 Sept

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CORONAVIRUS in SPAIN – latest Health Ministry figures

The latest official figure* released by the Spanish Health Ministry on Wednesday 30 September for the number of people who have tested positive for Coronavirus (Covid-19) is now 769,188. This is an overall increase of 11,016 against the figure released on Tuesday – although the ministry claims that 3,897 of these infections have occurred in the past 24 hours.

The ministry is still verifying and updating historical data. It has also not been updating any figures during the weekends since Friday 3 July.

There have now been 133,604 cases of Coronavirus detected in the past 14 days – out of the total 769,188. The figure for infections detected in the past 7 days is 56,509.

Figures released today also show that 2,264 people have required hospital treatment in the past 7 days, with 168 in intensive care.

The official figures* for the total number of Coronavirus-related deaths on Wednesday 30 September is now 31,791 – an increase of 177 since Tuesday. According to the ministry, it is a total of 486 deaths in the past 7 days.

The current known peak of recorded deaths related to Coronavirus in a 24-hour period in Spain was on 2 April, when 950 deaths were registered.

Increase in infections

Figures released on Tuesday had shown an overall increase of 9,906 infections against Monday’s figures – with the ministry stating that 2,586 had occurred in a 24 hour period.

Monday had seen an overall increase of 31,785 infections against Friday – yet 2,425 in a 24 hour period.

The current peak of recorded infections for a 24-hour period in Spain was on 31 March, when 9,222 new cases were registered.

When Spain imposed its ‘state of alarm’ from Saturday 14 March, the Health Ministry had confirmed 4,231 known cases of Coronavirus at the time (figures from Friday 13 March), with 121 deaths. By Monday 16 March, there had been a further 4,960 infections. The total death toll on 16 March had increased to 309.

Of the 3,897 new infections registered in the past 24 hours by the Health Ministry on Wednesday 30 September, the numbers per region are as follows:

  • 1,586 in Madrid (48,979 new cases in past 14 days)
  • 409 in the Basque Country (5,918)
  • 313 in Andalusia (14,395)
  • 265 in Navarra (4,456)
  • 174 in Extremadura (2,960)
  • 162 in Catalonia (12,129)
  • 145 in the Canary Islands (2,304)
  • 121 in Murcia (5,755)
  • 86 in Castilla La Mancha (8,589)
  • 67 in Asturias (1,240)
  • 66 in Aragón (1,236)
  • 62 in La Rioja (1,459)
  • 60 in the Valencia Region (5,271)
  • 45 in the Balearic Islands (1,817)
  • 33 in Cantabria (860)
  • 10 in Galicia (2,809)
  • 10 in Castilla y León (9,271)
  • 25 in Melilla (341)
  • 11 in Ceuta (173)

A full breakdown of the data per region, together with age group statistics can be found by clicking here.

Personnel of the 'Unidad Militar de Emergencias (UME)'
Personnel of the ‘Unidad Militar de Emergencias (UME)’ carrying out disinfection duties to combat the spread of Coronavirus in the ‘Operación Balmis’, during the height of the state of alarm in March 2020. (Photo courtesy of Ministry of Defence / UME)

Spain imposes strict new measures on nightlife

On Friday 14 August Spain announced strict new measures on nightlife across the whole country – as well as a ban on smoking outside, where social distancing cannot be maintained. Each region of Spain has since imposed the restrictions following their own timetable – and some regions have made restrictions even tighter. Social gatherings in some regions are only permitted with up to a maximum of 6 peopleRead about the initial measures here: Spain imposes strict new measures on nightlife across the country

*Discrepancies in figures

Although the Health Ministry updated its official Coronavirus mortality figures on 19 June following on-going discrepancies with the data released by some of the country’s regional health authorities – there are still huge differences in the ‘excess mortality’ figures published for Spain.

Click here for full report: Spain’s ‘excess mortality’ during Coronavirus pandemic is over 43,000

Spain’s National Statistics Institute (INE) published figures showing that the number of deaths for the first 21 weeks of 2020 were 24% higher than for the same period in 2019 – based on information received from the country’s civil registries (1 January to 24 May). The number of deaths during this period for 2020 was 43,945 higher than in 2019.

Spain – ‘New Normality’

After three months under a ‘state of alarm’ (since 14 March), Spain entered its ‘New Normality’ phase on Monday 22 June, following on from the government’s four phased plan to relax the country’s lockdown restrictions.

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