23rd June 2024
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Sitges had as much rain in one day as in the previous six months

The meteorological station in the Port of Aiguadolç in Sitges registered 43 litres of water last Friday afternoon, due to the heavy rains that affected the Catalan coast. It is practically the same amount of accumulated rainfall that fell during the previous six months, between 15 March and 14 September, which was 44 litres.

The heavy rains generated a high concentration of water in the streets, especially those that had once been streams, such as Rafael Llopart, Isabel Julià and Espalter. The flooding caused small incidents of a mild nature, in basements, garages and drainpipes of several buildings in the town. It also concentrated enormous amounts of water on some of the beaches, such as that of Sant Sebastià, which required the intervention of the local Beach Brigade.

The most recent report from the Meteorological Service of Catalonia, presented a fortnight ago, revealed that the weather station of Aiguadolç is the one that collected the least water in all of Catalonia in the 2022-2023 rainfall year: only 143mm. This is 71% less than the average annual amount of the last 30 years. The one in Sant Pere de Ribes collected 200.2mm and is also among the 10 with the least rainfall in the whole of Catalonia, at 63% less.

ALSO READ: Sitges is the town with the least rainfall in all of Catalonia.

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