2nd April 2023
Sitges News

Sitges municipal kindergarten staff to move ahead with strike

The staff of the two municipal kindergartens in Sitges are moving ahead with their plans to call a strike in protest at their employment conditions.

They had already planned to do so a month ago, but the requests for patience from the Catalan Department of Education, pending the approval of the municipal budget, combined with the proximity to the Christmas holidays, made it difficult to formally call for a strike at the two centres. The staff had to reconsider their initial intention, which was to start the protest on Monday 9 January, right after the Christmas holidays.

Last Thursday, however, after having met with the local councillor and the technical team of the Education Department, they decided to resume the procedure to call a strike, since they claimed ‘there has not been and will not be any progress in the short term’ in achieving their demands.

The staff of the El Cercolet and La Moixiganga kindergartens are demanding improvements in the public management of the two centres, as well as their working and salary conditions, which they consider ‘have been getting worse for a long time already’.

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