26th September 2023
Sitges News

Sitges Quint Mar residents complain of marijuana plantations and fights

Residents of the Quint Mar neighbourhood in Sitges have complained about local fights and the presence of marijuana plantations in the area, which they believe have contributed to power cuts.

A year ago, there were problems with the neighbourhood’s electricity supply, which lasted for five months. At the time, the operators informed the residents that the power outages were due to two factors: technical problems and an excessive difference between the power contracted and the power consumed, causing an imbalance in the network as a whole that affected the supply.

However, the Quint Mar Residents’ Association has said that ‘in September last year we filed a complaint, as we detected about seven homes with suspected marijuana plantations’.

There are studies that calculate that the consumption of a house with a marijuana plantation is equivalent to that of 80 homes, a fact that the association believes could explain the reason for the power cuts. Marijuana plantations already account for 27% of all the energy defrauded in Catalonia.

One member of the Residents’ Association also said that, ‘sometimes, the smell of marijuana is so intense that it seems like you are drugged around the house, with an unbearable feeling of vertigo’.

Residents have also complained of fights that took place on the night of 2 August, which they suspect were between drug dealers, and which required a number of police patrols and ambulances. The residents are demanding that abandoned or empty houses need to be protected so that there is no longer a feeling of ‘constant insecurity’.

State of one of the abandoned houses in Quint Mar. (Residents’ Association of Quint Mar)
An abandoned property in Quint Mar. (Residents’ Association of Quint Mar)

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