1st April 2023
Sitges News

State aid for rent excludes most young people in Sitges and Ribes

The application period for Spanish state subsidies to help with rental payments for people aged between 18 and 35 opened last week.

In order to access the aid, however, young people in Sitges and Sant Pere de Ribes must be paying a rent of less than 650 euros a month. If a room is being rented, it cannot exceed 350 euros per month. In addition, the aid is incompatible with any other aid being received from the public administration or any other public or private entities.

Although it was believed that the rental price limit in Sitges could have been the same as in the metropolitan area of ​​Barcelona, which has been set as ​​up to 900 euros, in the end it has not been so.

It means that most young people in Sitges and Ribes cannot apply for rental subsidies. The local councillor for housing and social rights, Júlia Vigó, said that ‘little knowledge has been shown of the municipal dynamics, this limit for Sitges is too low and excludes a very large population’.

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