19th October 2021
Panoramic image of Sitges.
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Local Covid figures return to pre-fifth wave levels

The fifth wave of Covid-19 is starting to wane. The latest figures are at almost similar levels to June, before the explosion of positive cases among young people. The epidemiological indicators also continue to progressively decline, and are increasingly closer to normal.

In the last seven days there have been 27 new positive cases in Sitges. In the first week of July there had been 365. Before the fifth wave, the number of new cases was about 20 a week. In Sant Pere de Ribes the number has also dropped, but still not enough: this week there have been 48 new cases.

The ‘rebound risk’ (iEPG)* also continues to decline. After reaching close to 6,000 points, it is now at 233. This is the best figure since the end of June, despite being still slightly above the recommended limits. In Sant Pere de Ribes it is in 284.

The best indicator is the rate of contagion (RT), which is 0.55 in Sitges and 0.61 in Sant Pere de Ribes, two particularly low figures, which show the current controlled situation that will hopefully be maintained in the coming days. The positivity of tests has already dropped from 10% in Sant Pere de Ribes to 7.40%, while in Sitges it is 10.28%.

The incidence rate at 14 days also continues to fall, reaching 398 in Sitges and 469 in Sant Pere de Ribes. For seven days it is at 118 and 132, respectively. With this data, it is expected that both municipalities will come out of the curfew when the current period ends, at the end of next week. If there is no change in the trend, the Sitges Festa Major will be held without a curfew.

*The potential rebound risk (iEPG) measures possible new cases diagnosed over the next 14 days, to evaluate the growth or slowdown in the contagion. It is calculated by multiplying the accumulated incidence rate (IA) and the rate of contagion (RT). 

Panoramic image of Sitges.
Panoramic image of Sitges. (Ajuntament de Sitges)

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