21st September 2021
Sitges News

More than 200 whales have visited the coast of Sitges this summer

More than 200 whales measuring 25 metres in length and weighing up to 80 tonnes have visited the coast of Sitges this summer, twice as many as in previous years, according to research that has been carried out by the Cetacean Association during almost a decade.

The presence in the waters of the Garraf of the fin whale, the second largest animal in the world after its distant cousin the blue whale, usually occurs between the months of February and June. This year, however, they have prolonged their presence, as the last sighting of several of these marine mammals was recorded in mid-July.

This stunning spectacle takes place just five miles from where the waves break – practically on the doorstep for those living in Sitges – without having to travel to the Argentine peninsula of Valdés, the Australian bay of Hervey, or the South African port of Hermanus, where sightings are more frequent.

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