30th May 2023
The chiringuito being erected on Sitges promenade
Sitges News

‘Chiringuito’ installed on promenade due to lack of sand on beach

The Sitges Town Council’s decision to not bring more sand to the beaches of Sitges continues to have consequences.

Those working in the hospitality sector are having to adapt in order to be able to work normally and not constantly depend on whether there will be enough sand or not. One concessionaire of a chiringuito (beach bar) on Estanyol beach asked for permission to put it on the Paseo Marítimo – and it was granted last week. The construction began on Thursday and they hope to be able to open shortly.

The concessionaire of the business stated that ‘this is not the best option’ and that they would have preferred to locate the bar on the beach, as they have done for several decades, but ‘we do not want to suffer if the sea takes away the bar’. They also believe they will be able to work even when there are bad weather days at the beach, to possibly extend their season.

The president of the Sitges Gremio de Hostelería (Hospitality Guild) commented on social media that ‘the image of the promenade, now with bars, is incompatible with the search for quality tourism. But with all respect for the owner [of the concession] who must do everything possible to maintain the business (even more this year) in the face of the lack of sand, not caused by him’.

The chiringuito being erected on Sitges promenade
The chiringuito being erected on Sitges promenade last Thursday. (L’Eco)

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