9th August 2022
Sitges police control last weekend.
Sitges News

Police register 42 ‘denuncias’ for non-compliance of Covid-19 measures

The number of citizens who have received an official police denuncia (being reported for an alleged offence), regarding non-compliance of Covid-19 measures, has fallen in comparison to last week, and in relation to the increase in cases registered at the beginning of Easter. There has been a downward trend during the last two weeks – dropping to 42 reports when compared to the total of 56 registered at the beginning of Easter week.

Saturday remains the day with most recorded incidents taking place – with a total of 14 denuncias occurring during the night, on top of another six which occurred during the day – totalling 20 on Saturday alone.

During other days, there have been less people reported for non-compliance of Covid measures – a total of 22 cases being reported between Monday-Friday and on Sunday. .

Of the total 42 reports that local police have registered – 31 have taken place at night, which continues to be the most disruptive time of the day regarding infringement of the Covid-19 measures.

From 28 October 2020 up to 11 April 2021, the local Sitges police have registered 1,111 denuncias.

Sitges police control last weekend.
Sitges police control last weekend. (L’Eco)

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Roger 15th April 2021 at 8:38 am

Why do these repeated reports never disclose the nature of the offenses that the officials denounce?


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