22nd May 2024
Meeting of Sitges town councillors.
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Conclusions on the land at Pins Vens presented by local councillors

Sitges Town Council held an extraordinary plenary session on Wednesday at the request of opposition groups to present the conclusions of an enquiry commission into the land used as a car park at Pins Vens.

In years gone by, the land at Pins Vens was an uneven field, covered with stones, that members of the adjacent sports pavilion used as parking. 

In response to requests made by local residents and users of the sports facility, the Town Council had flattened and tidied up the area.

The land, however, had been classified in the General Plan of Sitges as a green area, while at the same time being considered a ‘zone for public equipment’.  

The Town Council had therefore begun proceedings to regulate what it considers to be a mismatch of terms in the General Plan. 

When prosecutors accused the Town Council on the matter, the Council decided to close the car park – with the intention of opening it again, once the terms in the General Plan were amended. The court decided to dismiss the case, although the parking lot remains closed.

The political parties of Junts, Ciutadans, Comuns Verds and Nou Horitzó presented the conclusions of the enquiry on the Pins Vens parking lot and corroborated that, in no case was the use of irregular terms intentional. However, the nine groups representing the Council have not reached an agreement on presenting a document of consensual conclusions.

The governing group’s proposal is to change the classification of the entire affected ‘island area’ so that it is considered ‘urban land’. All the governing parties conclude that the proposal is ‘consistent with the current situation of the plot’, since it is part of an island surrounded by urban and urbanised roads, with all services, and in a consolidated environment for construction.

It is foreseen that a modification will be planned in the future, which will allow for the exchange of uses between a green zone and a public equipment zone on the two parts of the affected land. This will be done in order to achieve a more rational and integrated use of the space, and in accordance with the current urban development and uses of the area.

Meeting of Sitges town councillors.
Meeting of Sitges town councillors. (L’Eco)

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