19th May 2024
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Discover your creativity with CREATION DRAMA STUDIO

CREATION DRAMA STUDIO – English Speaking Drama Workshops in Spain

Founded in 2015 by British actors Sarah Tyler Shaw and Ian Breeds, CREATION DRAMA STUDIO provides exceptional training in acting and performance for students aged 6-18.

CREATION DRAMA STUDIO has taught more than 250 students from countries all over the world, with over 70 students currently attending its weekly after-school programmes in Sitges and Castelldefels, near Barcelona.

The workshops are designed to teach students the fundamentals of acting and performance with a strong focus on helping children build their self-confidence, make friends, improve vocabulary and learn to identify emotions in order to use them effectively.

The dynamic workshops include a variety of drama based games, exercises, improvisations, script work, character development, rehearsal techniques and much more.

Roll Camera
Roll Camera! Students get involved in front and behind the camera at the Young Actors Summer Workshops. (Sarah Shaw)

‘The active participation required in a drama lesson involves not only intellect but also children’s imagination and emotions,’ says Sarah Tyler Shaw.

‘By encouraging self-expression, drama motivates children to use language confidently and creatively. Drama helps develop important social skills that are vital in the real world.’

What makes CREATION DRAMA STUDIO different?


Twice a year students are given the opportunity to perform in end-of-term plays for friends, family and the general public. The shows are tailor made for each group and each part is written specifically for the students by company co-founder Ian Breeds. Every show is original and unique.

Kelly, one of the parents witnessing one of the end-of-term shows, said, ‘They are fab. I have no idea how or where they find their inspiration but as an adult watching they are very cleverly scripted and so entertaining!’


The acting industry is very competitive but part of CREATION DRAMA STUDIO‘s mission is to provide equal opportunities for each and every student. Whilst other acting schools and school plays often hold auditions in order to allocate parts, CREATION DRAMA STUDIO strive to ensure all of their students are given equal parts within their plays and films.

‘During a child’s formative years they must be encouraged to believe in themselves,’ says Sarah. ‘We believe it is not necessary to enforce a competition of talent at this age but to encourage diversity and celebrate all ranges of ability. This is necessary in order to help build confidence and self belief.’

Tension builds … a production shot from ‘Enclosed’. (Kayte Locke)


All of the workshops are run by working, professional actors. CREATION DRAMA STUDIO bases all of its workshops and lesson plans on the education and professional experiences of their teachers. From the techniques and practices studied at drama school to the present day skills discovered on each new production.

The team’s professional experience and knowledge is developed into new games and exercises, which are then adapted to each different age group, to provide the most effective training.

‘As working actors ourselves, we are constantly learning and improving our techniques, so when we discover something new whilst working on set or in the theatre, it is so exciting to see how we can take this to our students and witness how they respond to it,’ says Ian.

‘We have taught 6 year olds techniques that we didn’t even know about until our second year of drama school. At that age they don’t have any inhibitions holding them back, they just go for it and it is amazing to see.’


Whilst the majority of CREATION DRAMA STUDIO students are fluent in English, the workshops have also helped many young people to improve their fluency and confidence in English in a practical and safe environment.

‘Whether you want to work on your self-confidence or to learn a foreign language, drama is one of the best ways to achieve results,’ says Sarah. ‘Why? Because drama is practical, you have to be physically and emotionally be present all of the time.’


As well as teaching acting skills the team pride themselves on promoting positive engagement and trust. Students are encouraged to use positive language whilst constantly supporting one another.

Backstage performed in 2018
Comedy moment … a production shot from ‘Backstage’ performed in 2018. (Kayte Locke)

CREATION DRAMA STUDIO wishes for all of its students to experience the workshops as a safe haven, a chance to escape from any problems or worries they may be experiencing in the outside world.

‘Drama was my escape when I was at school, it allowed me to become whoever I wanted to be without judgement or criticism,’ says Sarah.

‘I wanted to be able to provide that environment for other children. When supported by our teachers and fellow students, your child will feel at ease and safe. Safe in the words they speak and the way they express themselves.’


CREATION DRAMA STUDIO is often approached by casting directors and filmmakers looking for young talent. Many of their students have had opportunities to attend auditions, with students having been cast in short and independent films and animation series. Some students have even been cast in projects for Sarah and Ian’s production company QUINT-ESSENTIAL CREATIONS.


CREATION DRAMA STUDIO founders Ian and Sarah met whilst studying acting at drama school in London. Upon graduating in 2011 the pair founded their own theatre company QUINT-ESSENTIAL CREATIONS. After three successful years of producing and touring original plays written and directed by Ian, they decided to take the company in a new direction, film.

The couple relocated to Spain in 2014 after Ian received a scholarship to study filmmaking at ‘afilm International Film Workshops‘ in Sitges, near Barcelona.

Upon arriving in Sitges it soon became clear that even though there was a huge international presence in the town, there were little to no acting classes for English speaking children.

In January 2015 the couple organised free of charge Saturday morning workshops at a local Sitges school. 18 students aged 6-13 years old participated in the first taster workshops that Saturday – and after receiving very positive feedback from parents and students alike, CREATION DRAMA STUDIO started its first full term of workshops in February 2015.

Christmas show
Students loving the applause at the Christmas show 2017. (Kayte Locke)

By April 2015 the company was running three Saturday morning workshops on a weekly basis for 6-18 year olds. Just under a year later, the company expanded its workshops to the nearby popular town of Castelldefels.

4 years of workshops, 10 shows and countless short films later, the company is now expanding once more with new workshops for adults and younger children on the horizon, as well as plans to expand to more towns and cities across Spain.

This summer CREATION DRAMA STUDIO are collaborating with Frank Stein Studio and leading casting director Luci Lenox to bring their Young Actors Summer Workshops to Barcelona.

‘We are thrilled to be collaborating with Luci and Frank Stein Studio,’ says Ian. ‘This will be a wonderful opportunity for young actors as Luci will be teaching a special casting workshop for our summer students.’

As well as running CREATION DRAMA STUDIO, Sarah and Ian continue to produce independent film and theatre with their company QUINT-ESSENTIAL CREATIONS.

Curtain Call
Curtain Call for ‘Enclosed’ performed in 2018. (Kayte Locke)


CREATION DRAMA STUDIO provides weekly workshops throughout the school year in Sitges and Castelldefels. Term dates are planned in accordance with the school calendar. They run three terms of weekly workshops a year; Sep-Dec, Jan-April and April-June.

Enrolment for September 2019 is now open.

YOUNG ACTORS SUMMER WORKSHOPS – Study Acting + Star in a Film

Students will be immersed in acting games, techniques and exercises whilst preparing for acting in front of the camera. They will also enjoy other activities associated with creating a short film, from concept to costume and set design. At the end of the week students will act in their very own short film. The films will be shot using professional equipment under film set conditions. During filming, students will have the opportunity to learn more about the world of filmmaking and working on a set. After the workshop is completed the footage will be edited using Final Cut Pro and each student will be sent a copy of his or her work upon completion.

8-12 July for 6-9 year olds: Sitges

15-19 July for 10-15 year olds: Sitges

22-26 July for 6-9 and 10-15 year olds: Castelldefels

29 July – 2 August for 6-9 year olds: Barcelona in collaboration with Frank Stein Studio

5-9 August for 10-15 year olds: Barcelona in collaboration with Frank Stein Studio

Want to know more?


Website: creationdramastudio.com

Email: info@creationdramastudio.com

Facebook: facebook.com/creationdramastudio

Twitter: @creationdrama

Instagram: @creationdramastudio

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