19th February 2019


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Focus: Sánchez ‘rollercoaster’ and Spain’s ‘political instability’

Mathieu Gorse / AFP
Eight months after ousting his rival and taking power in Spain, Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez has been forced to call early elections for 28 April, the latest

Spotlight: ‘When you attack Franco, you attack over half of Spain’

Laurence Boutreux / AFP
Luis Alfonso de Borbon, the great-grandson of Franco, is leading opposition to Spain’s bid to remove the dictator’s remains from an opulent mausoleum where they
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Venezuela focus: Nicolas Maduro’s rocky presidency

Here is a timeline of the major events in the turbulent rule of Venezuela’s Nicolas Maduro. Takes over from Chavez In 2013 Hugo Chavez –
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‘Too much tourism’ on agenda at Madrid tourism fair

Adrien Vicente - AFP
World tourism is going from strength to strength, but as the industry gathers for International Tourism Fair (FITUR) in Madrid, one of its largest fairs,