25th February 2024
Sitges News

Sitges police searching for the vandals who started five fires last week

The Local Police of Sitges, as well as the town’s Volunteer Firemen and those of Vilanova have been kept busy over the past week, with five fire incidents in five days, with Monday seeing two rubbish containers set alight on the same day.

With the Local Police still searching for the culprits, there is heightened concern in the Sitges Town Council regarding the rubbish containers, with the number set on fire having increased sharply this year: there were three or four cases in previous years but this year the figure has risen to 23.

The local council regards it as a clear case of vandalism and is working together with the police to try and find out who is responsible in order to be able to sanction him, and exercise more control over the container areas.

21 of the burned containers were set alight in the early hours of the morning, except for the last two on 4th December, which were set alight in broad daylight at noon, in Pau Casals street, and at 10pm near Can Perico.

Despite the increase in police control, it is not easy to locate those responsible, since the areas are very diverse across different areas of the town.

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