18th May 2024
Sitges News

Construction work on the new School of Music in Sitges will begin next year

Sitges is a town in which culture has a significant presence. Since 2007, the town has had the Montserrat Almirall Sitges Municipal School of Music, but since that date, it has also regularly changed locations, since it has not had its own building.

There have been discussions about establishing a fixed location for it over the years, and since the last council’s tenure it was agreed that the new centre would be built in El Rocar, annexed to the ‘Espai Jove’ (Youth Space). Now the Sitges Town Council has taken one of the last steps before being able to build the school: with the change of use of the area done, the 2024-2025 school year could already start in the new building.

The local council approved, at the beginning of May, ‘the special plan for specific uses’ of this plot, in order to permit the construction of municipal facilities – such as the Youth Space or the Local Police, who are already are there – but also the future Primary Care Health Centre (CAP), in addition to the Music School. With this change, however, they want to ‘protect the pine forest’, underlines Eduard Terrado, local councillor for urban planning, which has been a historic demand from the neighbourhood.

With the new plan, 50% of the area will ‘remain protected’, and no construction can be done there. According to Terrado, this desire to protect the area, along with the incorporation of a sustainable aspect to the project, have been the cause of the delay in the new school. Now that the plans have already been drafted and the relevant modifications been made, all that needs to be done is to approve the final project, issue a tender process for the work and start construction, most likely during next year.

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