10th June 2023
Sitges News

Walking Football Sitges, any takers?

Having had the chance recently to play WABOL or Walking Football in Barcelona with Andrew Sims Szegedi (Silvio) and Steve Archibald, I’ve been wondering if there would be enough enthusiasm in and around Sitges to get enough people together for a local branch of this variety of football.

Walking football has become increasingly popular over the last few years – and for good reason. Aimed at adults over 50, it has social, mental and physical health benefits. It helps people lose weight, helps prevent loneliness and positively affect overall mental and physical health.

The biggest difference is, NO RUNNING, NO TACKLING. It’s a game designed to help people stay in shape and maintain an active lifestyle regardless of age and/or physical ability.

WABOL, previously known as Walking Futbol Union, is the name of the game registered and promoted by two ex-football players, Steve Archibald and Silvio, to promote the game in Spain. Their goal is to offer people aged over fifty the opportunity to exercise while enjoying our game.

Who can play? Everyone! Although directed at persons over 50 years old, this new sport can be played by anyone between 5 and 100 years old. It’s a bit like football but in a slower, more relaxed way, more suitable for older people. If you might be interested in meeting once a week for an extremely friendly kick-about according to WABOL rules, click here and follow the link to sign up your name.

The 2 founders of WABOL® Steve Archibald and Silvio. (Wabol.es)

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