10th June 2023
Sitges News

Plans for a new Primary Care Centre (CAP) in Sitges take shape

Sitges is set to have a new Primary Care Centre very close to the current building. Although the proposal is still in a phase of development, the Department of Health of the Catalan government is already working on the design of a project to replace the current premises with an outpatient clinic, and which will have greater capacity and more space.

The new CAP (Centre d’Atenció Primària) will be located in the car park next to the Local Police station, a few metres from the current one, on municipal land. The Department of Health (Salut), which is in constant contact with the Sitges Town Planning Department, already has all the measurements of the land on which the new installation will be built in order to move forward with a proposal.

At first, Salut proposed to build the new facility in the new La Plana district of the town, but the council opposed it, as they considered that the new building could not be so far from the location where it is now. For this reason, they put on the table municipal land that could best be adapted to a construction of these characteristics, currently the sand car park.

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