16th April 2024
Sitges News

Alcohol consumption by young people in Sitges is higher than average across Spain

Alcohol is the most consumed ‘psychoactive substance’ in Catalonia.

According to 2019 and 2020 data from the household survey on alcohol and drugs (EDADES), conducted by the Ministry of Health, 8.9% of people between 15 and 64 drink alcohol every day in Catalonia – 14.6% in men and 3% in women – and it is estimated that of the total number of deaths in 2019, 6% were attributable to alcohol, in the case of men, and 2.5%, in women.

As for Sitges, according to the  Council’s Local Plan for the Prevention of Addictive Behaviour, approved in 2021, 88.2% of Sitges students aged 14 – 18 have drunk alcohol at some point in their lives – compared to 77.9% of Spain as a whole, according to the 2020 survey on drug use in secondary education (STUDIES), also conducted by the Ministry of Health.

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