23rd April 2024
Sitges News

Traditional activity returns to Sitges for Christmas

Sitges is already starting to portray a Christmas atmosphere, with many more cultural and festive activities starting next week, and which will last until the weekend after the Epiphany.

This year, most activities will no longer have to adapt to any restrictions, unlike last year when many were still affected by the pandemic.

The Nordic-inspired Christmas Fair will take place in the Plaça de la Fragata on the weekend of 17-18 December, with 50 stands and stalls offering a full range of local and handmade products, including artisan and  gastronomic delights, gifts, ceramics, art and designer jewellery, in addition to family and children’s activities – including face-painting workshops, the possibility of visiting Santa’s grotto or seeing Mickey Mouse.

Another main meeting point for families during these dates is the Parc de Nadal in the Pins Vens Sports Centre, open from 27 December to 5 January. There you will find a space for the little ones to play and have fun. There are also different recreational spaces for people who aren’t so young, who can participate in the sessions of Quinto – a traditional Catalan game, very similar to bingo – held by organisations such as the Casino Prado, El Retiro or l’Agrupació de Balls Populars

Another Christmas classic in Sitges is the performance of ‘Els Pastorets’ at the Casino Prado Suburense, where shepherds bring order (and humour) to the struggle between good and evil. The ‘Cant de la Sibil-la’ is also a classic, at the Sant Bartomeu and Santa Tecla Church, where at midnight on 24 December the Christmas ‘apocalypse’ is announced. Yet another is the exhibition of nativity scenes at the Palau del Rei Moro, a tradition that has been going on for 32 years.

As for The Three Wise Men of the East, on 3-4 January children can hand in their letters to the royal pages along a magical route set up at the Mercat Vell in Sitges.

And to ring in the New Year in Sitges, why not join the group of brave people who on 1 January will be running into the sea at Sant Sebastià Beach. The rendezvous there will be at 12 noon.

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