24th May 2024
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Sitges Town Council holds the draw for the first HPO ‘social housing’ promotion

Sitges Town Council held a draw last week to select the order of people to be awarded the first homes of ‘social housing’ under the council’s Officially Protected Housing (HPO) scheme.

The draw for the 42 homes at ‘La Marinada’ development was held behind closed doors but could be followed live on the council’s YouTube channel. The draw was devised using a computer system established by a notary of Sitges. 

Of the 42 homes, 34 are for general letting (each home with 2-3 bedrooms), six are reserved for low-income co-habitants (also with 2-3 bedrooms), and two for people with reduced mobility or disabilities (with 2 bedrooms).

La Marinada consists of three buildings in the Carrer de l’Abadessa de Maria Lluïsa Dalmaus with Manuel Torrens, located in La Plana, near to the Can Pei district.

The draw was presided over by the Mayor of Sitges, Aurora Carbonell, who began the event by emphasising that ‘today is a very important day in the procedure for awarding the first 42 floors of HPO, out of a total of 175 that the council will deliver’.

The local councillor for housing, Júlia Vigó, explained that ‘a maximum occupancy criteria is being applied, ie families with more members (between 3 and 5 people) opt for 3-bedroom homes, while the smaller co-habitation units (between 1 and 3 people) will opt for 2-bedroom homes’.

This is the first HPO promotion, but two new promotions for 62 and 70 more homes in other developments will be launched later, the first of which will be completed before the end of the year.

All the information about the RSHPO and the HPO promotions can be found here:  https://www.sitges.cat/serveis/habitatge/habitatge-de-proteccio-oficial-a-sitges

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