6th June 2023
Carrer de les Parellades, Sitges.
Sitges News

Terraces in Sitges prepare to return to normal dimensions

In Spring 2020, as a measure of support for a tourism and hospitality sector severely affected by the arrival of the Covid pandemic and all its restrictions, Sitges Town Council passed an exceptional decree to allow bars, cafeterias and restaurants to occupy space on public roads to have terraces, or to increase the size of their existing terraces.

The current proposal is that once the last measures decreed by the Catalan health authorities have been lifted and which affect hospitality establishments, especially in terms of capacity for inside spaces, the local council will withdraw the exceptional decree regarding terrace space that was passed.

The Sitges Hospitality Association has asked for a review of establishments that traditionally did not have a terrace space or that had a more limited space, but which have still worked without causing any damage to the environment or the neighbourhood.

The council has informed some of the establishments that, due to their conditions, it might be possible to assess whether their terraces could be maintained. The local government will start a campaign to inform the establishments that they will have to apply for the changes before 2 May and to remind them that the license for the occupation of public roads must be applied for annually.

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