15th August 2022
Sitges News

Sitges taxi drivers demand that the ‘Pic Nic stop’ stays where it is

The Passeig Marítim taxi rank in Sitges, popularly known as the Pic Nic stop, will have to be located on the opposite sidewalk due to the future widening of the cycle lane that will passes through the current area.

This triggered a recent statement from the Taxi Business Association in Sitges, which highlighted some of the reasons for the ‘dissatisfaction’ of the group’s workers.

After 10 years of having this current location for the taxi rank on the Passeig, and considering that it is a strategic point in terms of tourists in the town, the president of the taxi association, Joan Marc Roca, said that ‘we propose to maintain the current location and that the bicycle lane ends before the pedestrian crossing’.

From the Sitges Town Council, however, Jaume Monasterio, the local councillor for urban services and mobility, said that the requests of taxi drivers are met whenever possible, but that there are cases in which it is not possible. ‘The bike lane needs to finish,’ he said.

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