23rd June 2024
El carrer Parellades in Sitges
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The number of new positive Covid cases in Sitges still high

The sixth wave of Covid continues to see high levels of positive cases locally, although the increasing number of vaccinations administered is having a slight impact. This January there will have been some 2,000 cases of Covid in Sitges and more than 2,500 in Sant Pere de Ribes. Last month, there were around 4,000 in each of the two municipalities.

The high level of contagion of the Omnicron variant is multiplying the number of positive cases. This week there have been 861 in Sitges and 931 in Sant Pere de Ribes, adding to the 921 and 1,153 respectively from last week. The wave is beginning to subside, but only very slightly. The percentage of increases at the local level is similar to that recorded across Catalonia as a whole.

The data provided this week by the Department of Health show that 80% of those admitted to the ICUs of Catalan hospitals are unvaccinated or are patients with other serious illnesses. But despite the high level of infection, the percentage of hospital care is the lowest in proportion since the beginning of the pandemic.

Epidemiological indicators are still high, in some cases disproportionate, such as the rebound risk (iEPG)*, which is close to 6,000 points in Sitges and more than 7,000 in Sant Pere de Ribes. The active incidence rate at 14 days is also high, at around 6,000 points.

The percentage of tests that are positive is also still high. It went down last week, but it has risen again to 22.37% in Sitges and 19.55% in Sant Pere de Ribes. The rate of contagion (RT) is 1.13 in both municipalities.

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*The potential rebound risk (iEPG) measures possible new cases diagnosed over the next 14 days, to evaluate the growth or slowdown in the contagion. It is calculated by multiplying the accumulated incidence rate (IA) and the rate of contagion (RT).

El carrer Parellades in Sitges
El carrer Parellades in Sitges on Thursday at midday. (L’Eco)

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