25th May 2022
Sant Camil Hospital.
Sitges News

Most Covid cases are mild in Sitges, but deaths also continue

The sixth wave of Covid is resulting in more positive cases than all previous waves. Whilst in the vast majority of cases the symptoms are of a mild nature, there are also cases of patients with complications that can prove fatal.

In the last two weeks, there have been three deaths in Sitges due to Covid, with two this past week and another during the previous one. With these new fatalities, Coronavirus has now resulted in 79 deaths in Sitges, with most occurring during Spring 2020. In Sant Pere de Ribes there was also a death in the last week, bringing the total to 69 since the start of the pandemic.

In October and November there was only one death in each month at the Sant Camil Hospital. In December there were 10 and in the first 24 days of January there are already 9.

The number of people being admitted to Sant Camil with Covid also continues to increase. The figure was 63 on Monday, six more than a week ago. This is a higher figure than during the fifth wave (which reached 55), but significantly lower than that recorded in January 2021, after the holidays, which reached a peak of 134 admissions.

The current deaths from Covid have mainly been elderly patients with other serious illnesses and, above all, the unvaccinated. Several studies indicate that the chances of hospitalisation are ten times higher among the unvaccinated.

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