25th May 2022
Benaprès Institute, Sitges
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Over 200 cases of Covid in Sitges schools since the new term started

The return to the classroom after the holiday break has resulted in an avalanche of positive cases of Covid. In the last 10 days, 214 have been confirmed among pupils and teachers in Sitges and 374 in Sant Pere de Ribes.

This is the highest number of cases in the nearly two-year pandemic. The week before Christmas, there were 55 cases detected in the previous 10 days at schools. Just after the 6-8 December ‘puente’, there were 81. This past Friday, five days after the return of school activity, there were 142.

The number of confined students is now 254. The new protocol implemented for this year states that confinements are only made when there are five or more positive cases in a classroom, or 20% of the total number of students in the class. This has led to a proportional reduction in the number of pupils confined, and who now have to spend seven days at home and not 10.

The educational centre in Sitges with the most cases is the Joan Ramon Benaprès high school (43), followed by Miquel Utrillo (31) and Este Barrachina and Escola Pia (30 each). Benaprès also has the most confined students (84), followed by Can Culapi (60).

In Sant Pere de Ribes, the centre with the most cases is the Institut Montgròs, which has 92, followed by La Riera (54), Can Puig (44), Bel Air and Alexandre Galí (27 each).

Benaprès Institute, Sitges
Benaprès Institute, Sitges, on Tuesday at noon. (L’Eco)

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