24th April 2024
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Sitges commemorates 25N against gender violence

‘Every day!’ is the slogan with which Sitges takes a stand against gender violence to commemorate 25N – the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

The institutional act and the reading of the manifesto are the central events organised by the Sitges Town Council’s Social Rights Service to make visible its position against this social scourge. The event will take place on Thursday 25 November at 7pm in the Plaça de l’Ajuntament.

Gender violence is a violation of human rights that is carried out through violence against women. Gender violence can be perpetrated on a one-off or repeated basis and has a daily impact on the lives of many people, whether the survivors themselves or their emotional environment. The campaign slogan, ‘Every day’, is also joined by the pledges of, ‘We will not be silent. We are not accomplices. We stop male violence’ – and also puts the names and surnames to the official data of women murdered in 2021.

Five minors have been murdered by their parents in 2021 (42 since 2013) and 40 women have been killed in Spain and Catalonia so far this year, according to the statistics on Fatal Victims of Gender Violence, from the government’s delegation against gender violence of the Ministry of Equality.

The 25N campaign also relates to existing and lesser-known forms of violence, such as vicarious, obstetric, digital and economic violence, and gives the care and counselling services available. Women and victims of gender violence have access to the 900 900 120 helpline. This is a free and confidential 24-hour helpline, in 124 languages, and which has professionals, lawyers and psychologists who can contact emergency services if necessary.

They can also call 016, a 24-hour telephone number that does not leave any reference on the phone bill, although it is necessary to delete it so that it doesn’t appear on the phone’s call list. 016 offers information and legal advice on gender violence. Other telephone numbers of interest are 112 for emergencies and 93 811 0016 of the Sitges Local Police, as well as 93 811 3180 of the Sitges Women’s Information and Assistance Service (SIAD), that offers support, guidance and advice (legal and psychological) from a gender perspective. Those interested can also contact the SIAD by email: igualtat@sitges.cat

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