28th June 2022
The main entrance hall of Sant Camil hospital.
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Sant Camil hospital is technically at ‘Covid zero’ level

October 2021 has been one of the months with the lowest levels of Covid at the local Sant Camil hospital in Sant Pere de Ribes. Throughout the month, only one death related to Covid was reported, and the number of people admitted with the virus dropped to negligible levels.

There are currently only three patients with Coronavirus at Sant Camil hospital. This is a figure that has been maintained during the month of October, placing the hospital with a technical level of practically ‘Covid zero’.

During the fifth wave of the pandemic, in July, the number of patients with the virus reached 55 – in a large part, young people – while in January, after the effects of the Christmas festivities and before the start of the vaccination campaign, 134 people were admitted throughout the month.

The positive effects of the vaccinations are the main cause of the reduction in admissions and deaths. However, there are still sporadic cases: sadly one death in October and three in September. The current situation has also made it possible to restart other medical services and treatments that during the previous months had to be cancelled as a precaution.

The main entrance hall of Sant Camil hospital.
The main entrance hall of Sant Camil hospital. (L’Eco)

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