3rd December 2021
Sitges Carnival
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Sitges Carnival will return to the streets in February

The Sitges Carnival Commission and the Town Council are already working to ensure that the Carnival will return to the streets in 2022, by adapting the parades traditionally planned for the Sunday and Tuesday in order to combat the Covid pandemic.

The ‘reactivation of popular culture plan’ will guide how the parades should be adapted to comply with health measures, for both the spectators and those participating in the parades, although health measures will also be taken into account for all events organised around the 2022 Carnival.

The local councillor for fiestas, David Martínez, said that ‘the time has come to think ahead about how we can enjoy the Carnival like we used to, on the street’, adding that the ‘current cultural recovery plans allow us to be optimistic, especially after the experience we had with the Sant Bartomeu and Santa Tecla festivities’.

The Carnival Commission and Town Council have already been holding meetings with the aim of being able to hold the Carnival on the street again in 2022, as well as with technicians, other local authorities, and with the local police in order to begin drawing up the logistical plan for next year’s event.

Both the commission and the council are evaluating different route options for the parades, so that the circuit offers total health and safety to both participants and the public. David Martínez is convinced that ‘we will find ways to make the parades happen with all the security measures’.

Sitges 2022 Carnival begins on 24 February, which will be Maundy Thursday, and will end on Wednesday 2 March.

Sitges Carnival
An image from the Sitges Carnival in 2020. (Ajuntament de Sitges)

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