8th August 2022
Railway Museum in Vilanova
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Half the population of Sitges and Ribes are now fully vaccinated

As the fifth wave of Covid starts to gradually decrease, half the population of Sitges and Sant Pere de Ribes are also now fully vaccinated. 50.59% of the population of Sitges and 49.65% of those living in Sant Pere de Ribes have now received two jabs, or one in the case of the one-dose Janssen vaccine.

In Sitges there are about 15,000 people who are now fully vaccinated, while in Sant Pere de Ribes this figure was reached on Saturday. If only those over the age of 15 are taken as a reference, 57% of the people in Sitges and 55% in Sant Pere de Ribes have already received the complete inoculation. Local figures, however, are below the average across Catalonia, where 53% are already fully vaccinated.

The rate of injections has slowed slightly in recent days compared to the previous month. However, the process of vaccinating younger age groups is also now visible in the faces of those arriving at the Vilanova Railway Museum, where most of the people in the area are being vaccinated. But some young people have still had to recently look for vaccination centres in other towns, due to a saturation in Vilanova.

58.15% of the population of Sitges and 57.03% for Sant Pere de Ribes have now also received at least one first dose of the vaccine.

Railway Museum in Vilanova
The waiting area for people who have received a jab, at the Railway Museum in Vilanova. (L’Eco)

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