22nd May 2024
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‘Art Walk Valencia’ – a great initiative to bring art lovers back to exhibitions

Eleven of Valencia’s galleries and art venues are opening their doors simultaneously this Sunday morning (18 April), as part of Art Walk Valencia – an initiative to bring art lovers back to the exhibitions.

The event, which aims to support the city’s independent art spaces, is free and venues will welcome ‘Art Walkers’ between 11am and 2pm. There is no set route between the eleven venues, but the furthest galleries, La Trini in La Zaidía and Lanevera in Russafa, are just a 30-minute walk apart.

Art Walk was organised by Bay Backner, a British artist who moved to Valencia three years ago. The idea came out of a conversation with Kristin Gracie, founder of Russafa’s The RW Project, about how to safely open their current exhibition to visitors. 

‘Covid has challenged artists to become more creative about sharing our work. It’s been a year now without normal gallery inaugurations or artist talks in independent spaces,’ explains Bay. ‘Before Covid I organised a Meetup group of 1,000 art-goers in Valencia. Since lockdown, many have asked me how they can continue to support Valencia’s artists.’

‘Art Walk makes it easy to visit some of our city’s most exciting art spaces. In English these are called “grassroots” arts spaces because they encourage emerging artists. If we can help them to grow their audience, we all benefit from a thriving art scene.’

The RW Project exhibition - Art Walk Valencia
The RW Project exhibition – Art Walk Valencia

The Jan Royce Gallery in El Carmen was the first gallery to agree to open on Sunday 18 April for Art Walk. Director Cornelis Moonen says: ‘Art Walk is a wonderful initiative. It underlines how Valencia’s art galleries and artists continue to work together to present new contemporary art, in spite of this challenging year.’

‘By walking on a Sunday morning, we also support our neighbourhood’s restaurants and bars. I hope that many art-lovers find inspiration in the diversity of the art being presented, and enjoy re-discovering their vibrant, artistic city.’

Participants in the Art Walk are asked to take part in groups of four or less and comply with Covid-19 restrictions. For more information and to download your map click here: https://artwalkvlc.com/

Participating spaces:

Ciutat Vella 

SET Espai D’Art – Plaça del Miracle del Mocadoret 4

La Trini – Carrer de la Trinitat 10 

Galería La Mercería – Carrer de Moratín 7

LABA – Carrer de Quart 21

Jan Royce Collection – Carrer de l’Almirall 1 


Sporting Club Russafa – Carrer de Sevilla 5

The RW Project – Carrer de Cuba 25

FreeZia – Carrer de Cuba 3

Lanevera – Carrer de Puerto Rico 46

Splendini – Carrer de Sogorb 10

Ártika Ruzafa – Carrer Buenos Aires 39

All Art Walk venues are open on Sunday 18 April, 11am – 2pm. Admission is free to all. 

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