25th September 2021
An image of a flight arrivals board at Barcelona airport
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Germany now advises against travelling to all of Spain, except Canary Islands

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#UPDATED – 14 August 2020

The German government has now declared Spain a ‘risk zone’ due to the increase in cases of Coronarvius (Covid 19), according to German media.

Germany has now included the Balearic Islands in this travel advice. The government has warned that non-essential journeys to Spain should be avoided. Travellers arriving in Germany from Spain will also require a Coronavirus test. For the moment, the Canary Islands are exempt from this new advice, according to the same reports.

The German government had originally issued advice against travelling to Catalonia, Aragón and Navarra [see below].

Report below published 28 July 2020

The German government has advised citizens not to travel to three Spanish regions – Catalonia, Aragón and Navarra – due to the ‘high number’ of infections of Coronavirus (Covid-19).

Germany’s foreign ministry has warned against unnecessary travel to the three regions due to their ‘high infection numbers and local lockdowns’.

‘We currently advise against unnecessary tourist trips to the autonomous communities of Aragón, Catalonia and Navarra due to high infection numbers and local lockdowns,’ the ministry said on its website.

Out of 855 new infections registered over a 24 hour period by Spain’s Health Ministry on Monday474 were in Aragón (with 2,472 new cases there in the past 7 days), 94 in Navarra, (609 new cases in the past 7 days) and 71 in Catalonia (5,585 in past 7 days).

An image of a flight arrivals board at Barcelona airport
An image of a flight arrivals board at Barcelona airport during the height of the lockdown in April 2020. (Edu Bayer).

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